Back when I was a kid, my older siblings used to bug me something fierce. However, they were both a little older, smarter, stronger, and also faster than me. So, they used to tease me mercilessly about it! Now that we are all grown, most things have changed between us; my siblings were supposed to go to Ivy League universities, play college sports, and graduate. Neither one of them did that and neither did I but then again, I wasn’t expected to. While those dummies were running up college loan debt, I was hard at work for a local business and, in addition, I was learning a trade. I took a couple of night courses, and then I was finally able to take my Heating and Air Conditioning certification exam. Now, the dumb little younger sibling had a steady job as an Heating and Air Conditioning professional, and in addition, I was making a pretty darn good living. But the best part of all was that now when either of them had a concern with their heating or their cooling systems, they’d have to call me to ask for help. This never got old for me, and I always said I’d blissfully maintain their Heating and Air Conditioning systems a thousand times over, for nothing, just to rub it in that I knew stuff that they didn’t. One of my brothers even asked me if the Heating and Air Conditioning business was hiring, and boy did that make me laugh! As a word of wisdom to younger siblings who get picked on, find a job like Heating and Air Conditioning repair or other trade work to do. Then, use it to build yourself an enviable life. For me, heating and cooling has always been my ticket to rubbing my success in my siblings’ stupid faces!

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