It’s the middle of a very hot and very humid summer and my elderly parents just called to report that they can’t make the air conditioning work. I had to drop what I was doing to go play super hero. I tried changing out the air filters as that is all I know how to do with an air conditioner, but to no avail.  I googled online to get some information about what to check other than just adjusting the air filters.  The article informed myself and others that I should check the outside machine for any clutter or debris that might have made contact with the Heating and A/C machine but first off, checking the circuit breakers.  After my hubby, Steve did those things, the cool air was still not getting through the a/c vents.  I guess both of us have no choice, however to call for an a/c company to come by and check the whole A/C system.  We set an appointment for the next day, and since they still had a full afternoon of heat with no cool air conditioning, Steve and I took them to a nice diner for lunch and then back to our place for a cooler, air conditioned night.  The next day, the Heating and A/C company was already on scene when we showed up.  He evaluated both the inside and outside air and heat equipment, and then went upstairs into the attic to check the air duct situation.  The Heating and A/C company was able to find the problem straight away when he really saw the holes in the air duct.  For better air quality in the home, the air duct must not have tears or holes.  Of course, the a/c company will replace the broken air duct, and he will vacuum the air duct and air vents to clear out any spider webs while he is up there in the attic.

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