I live in a rural area, so I hadn’t ever ridden a train until last summer. I was planning to visit my brother in the city, and he recommended the train since he knew I was trying to save money. I had to wake up at more than 2 hours before my train left so I got to the station at the right time.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to have the train to myself. I only had a private ride for the first 10 minutes of the trip. At a certain point I was joined by a rather large person who had really bad body odor. This guy promptly fell asleep, which was good so I didn’t have to talk with him, but as he slept his body shifted and his entire body was leaning my way. His body heat felt like a furnace burning my arm, and I crushed myself up against the window to try and get away from him. I couldn’t take it any longer and asked the train attendant if I could transfer to a different seat. The attendant did as I asked, but I had the opposite problem and now was directly under the air conditioning unit. Needless to say, I did not have a really pleasant train ride. The air conditioning system was too cold and I ended up getting a cold during the visit with my brother.  Next visit, I’ll take my chances and spend a little more money for a more comfortable experience.

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