Benjamin Franklin, one of the wonderful founding fathers of our nation, was known for many of his outstanding accomplishments. Kids know him as the kite flyer. Postal workers know him as the guy who really helped them out, and history teachers just love him. But trivia enthusiasts enjoy him for his many famous sayings. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, and wise’ is at the top of the list. And his phrase ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ has many applications, especially as it applies to oil heating systems and other HVAC systems. When it’s hot, we rely on those HVAC machines to keep us in good spirits. And when it’s cold, these days we honestly need the heat to survive. So although it’s a reach to say Ben could’ve foreseen our HVAC systems, his advice is still as true as it was back then. For one thing, the filters on a oil furnace need to be replaced at the beginning of the Winter season, and every month throughout. This little ounce of prevention keeps your oil furnace running efficiently, with fresh air being constantly drawn into the ducts. The ductworks should also be respectfully checked for leakage. If not, you’re in for a world of trouble. And to prevent a pound of extravagant repairs, schedule an annual repair checkup with a certified HVAC contractor. He will help you avoid extravagant repairs before any malfunctions and before an emergency situation arises.