I put things off – always been that way. Each new year I make a resolution to change, but it never lasts. This year I procrastinated on getting my annual cleaning and servicing for my Heating and A/C system.  I had so many things going on that the only time I even remembered to call, the business was closed for the day. The next day the cycle would  start all over again. Quite frankly, in the past years, I don’t know how I pulled it off – scheduling my HVAC appointment, that is. But I know how important it is to keep your furnace running for the area of the country that we live in. It gets very, very cold in the dead of winter, and I certainly don’t want my furnace to quit then. Anyway, the inevitable finally happened – we had a cold stretch with temperatures well below freezing, with strong winds that magnified the deep freeze. Day after day I kept putting off making the call to our HVAC company. And then the furnace started to make some really unusual noises. Yikes! Pick up the phone and call the HVAC technician – now!!! Within a few hours, the guy arrived – and not a minute too soon. The temperature in the house was slowly dropping. And wouldn’t you know it – after he had checked the system, he broke the news that if only I had called him sooner, I would have saved on the repairs that he was now going to have to do. Hopefully, after all of this, I have finally learned my lesson about procrastinating!  

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