I’m a real girly girl except for just a few aspects of my life.  I’m generally a tough, rough and tumble kind of person, but I’ll admit to certain habits that will be quite stereotypically womanly. For instance, I love to do my hair and makeup. I take a long time to shower and get prepped for my day every morning, and I enjoy feeling pretty. The only downside is this puts lots of extra stress on my shower area. We have an older house with a outdated HVAC system, and sometimes the air quality control is less compared to ideal. The bathroom has a fairly low quality ventilation system, as well as the air withdrawal fan is not very efficient. Whenever I take a shower there’s so much steam built up inside room that it takes a couple of hours or to get all the humidity right out of the air. All of this extra moisture has caused a significant problem; the development of mildew and mold all around the small space. I’ve tried to cut my showers short in order to prevent some of the moisture buildup, but even the condensed type of my morning routine leaves a ton of steam in the room. The air conditioning that we have only marginally helps to take out the extra moisture, so I’ve been looking for another solution. It looks like my best bet is to purchase a dehumidifier for the bathroom, and it should be possible to prevent the mildew mold to the reasonable degree.