I have decided to downsize. For many years, I lived in a four-bedroom house in the suburbs, but now our youngsters are grown and independent. I now live alone with my husband, so there is no need for me to have such a sizable residing space. I’ve decided to buy a few acres of land and build a small cabin on it, because I think I will love residing in a quiet, manageable space! I have been considering what kinds of appliances to use in the house, and I have found a very wonderful choice when it comes to cooling systems. Instead of installing a full Heating and Air Conditioning system in the cabin, I think I am going to buy a ductless mini-split air conditioner. These are relatively cost-effective, and they are simple to install. I could have it hung over the door, and it would have no issues cooling our entire space. Mini-split air conditioners are much more efficient and more quiet than choices such as window units, or cheaper alternatives like multiple fans. I live in a pretty mild climate, so I wouldn’t even need to run the a/c component on a usual basis. Instead, I would only need to run it on the warmest nights  of Summer. This is one of the perks of living where I do! I am excited to have found such a wonderful opportunity. I would like to retire in a few years, and I am looking to cut down on as many expenses as I possibly can. Once I get the building process started, I expect to be done with everything in maybe a year or less!

HVAC specialist