A few weeks ago, I closed on our first house. I am relieved to have the searching and purchasing process behind me. I looked for weeks before I found the right place. I was on a strict budget, so I decided to go with a fixer-upper. I bought an older house in a quiet village. It’s in need of some remodeling, although I think I can get most of the job done on our own. The only thing I am going to leave to the experts is the Heating and Air Conditioning system. The house does not currently have a new heating and cooling system. There is no air conditioner and only an old wood burning heating system to heat the place. I am so used to being able to control the temperature using a control component that I don’t think I could live without an Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I assume that it will be costly to have one installed, but I’m willing to pay to have the work done. It will be a sizable project because the Heating and Air Conditioning company is going to have to install HVAC ducts in the house as well. I know better than to try to do this on my own — I am a skilled carpenter and I know an awful lot about plumbing, but heating and cooling technology are out of my realm of comfort. Once the installation is complete, I will be able to rest well knowing that the component will be all set to go for years to come. It has been a long process, but being a homeowner is both exciting and comforting in its own unique ways!