I have many friends & family that just down right refuse to go shopping physically in the stores for Christmas gifts.  They say it’s just too crowded, everything is in a mess, & half the time the malls & outlet stores are so packed that it feels like there is no air quality control!  That is why everyone I know plans for online shopping.  They can lay in their PJ’s, on the couch & they get to be comfortable with whatever temperature they desire.  You entirely can’t get much better than that.  If you have a gas fireplace, it’s entirely nice to be able to lay in front of the fire with a hot drink & just do your Christmas shopping straight from your couch or bed.  If you have zone control, you have the ability to make any room the perfect temperature for your mood, even if all the people else in the apartment has odd weather conditions control needs.  I personally love online Christmas shopping because there is so much more to choose from.  Not to mention I can snuggle up with our cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee in our preferred chair, in front of our gas fireplace.  We also have a Heating as well as A/C device to supply us with heating & a/c, depending on the weather that  year.  We just installed zone control in our apartment as well, so I can have my ideal weather conditions control while I shop & my hubby can have his while he works in his office, then it’s the perfect solution for all seasons, I highly recommend it!     

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