Last week our area experienced forty mile and hour winds that caused complete and utter chaos. There was debris and power lines down everywhere. I felt fortunate that there was no major damage done to our home during the storm. The only issue I had following the storm was that I was left without power for several weeks.  If this is had been any other time of the year, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But since it is winter, being without power is very trying indeed.  No power means no furnace. No furnace means no heat. I am spoiled in that regard, since I have such great HVAC technicians nearby. I am definitely a control freak, so without control over something as important as heat in my home was difficult for sure. Normally when my heat goes out,  I just call our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C company. They are so good about sending out an Heating, Ventilation and A/C service specialist to resolve the issue. However, since this wasn’t an HVAC issue –  it was a lack of power issue  – there was nothing I could do.  Calling up the power company to complain that I had no power seemed kind of pointless, since they knew there was no power.  With thousands of people without electricity, why would calling make any difference to the company. There was obviously no reason why my power issue should come above someone else’s. There were so many people who were also without their heat and electricity that the only way I knew to handle the situation was to be patient and wait my turn. But it sure was cold.  While I waited for the power to be restored, I just decided to bundle up in a few extra layers of clothing.

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