It’s a hot summer day and my parents just called to tell me their air conditioning refuses to work. We headed over to try and fix the thing, but besides changing out the air filter I am all thumbs. Google told us to check the circuit breakers and make sure there was no debris in the air conditioner and after my partner Steve did those things, the cool air was still not coming through the air conditioner vents.  I guess we have no choice, but to call for an air conditioner contractor to come by as well as check the HVAC system.  Both of us set the appointment for the next morning, since they needed to get the air conditioning back online. Steve as well as I took them to a nice diner for breakfast as well as then back to our new home for a cooler, air conditioned evening.  The next morning, the HVAC contractor was there and working when we arrived.  He evaluated both the inside as well as outside air conditioning equipment, as well as then went upstairs into the attic to check the HVAC duct.  The HVAC contractor found the problem when he saw the holes in the HVAC duct.  The HVAC duct must be free of tears or holes.  Of course, the air conditioner contractor will upgrade the badly destroyed HVAC duct, as well as he will vacuum the HVAC duct as well as air vents to rid the component of any spider webs while he is up there in the attic.

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