Everybody seems to think that private investigation is a cool job, but I am here to say that it really isn’t. One must be very patient and bored a lot of the time, and if he cannot sit still in a hot car for hours without going nuts, he should not become a private investigator. Most people hire me to try and catch their cheating spouses. This means I have to follow the spouse around and basically wait for them to do something, then try to snap a few photographs for proof. The waiting around is the worst part, I have to just sit around in my air conditioned car for hours following them. If our motorcar did not have a superb A/C idea in it, there is no way I could do this task. Last week I started out quite early in the morning and it was still almost one-hundred degrees out, so I had to let the air conditioning run for a long time so that I could actually use my car. I spend more currency on gas than on food, just because I pretty much need to run the A/C in the motorcar all day and evening, every day and evening. I only had to call out of work one time ever and it was because my air conditioner stopped working. I explained to the boss at the agency that without a/c in our stake out motorcar I couldn’t work a full shift, and he understood better than anyone.

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