I have been debating on what to get my boyfriend Tom for his birthday. I get him one big gift for his birthday as well and I have 2 ideas in mind. One is a modern smartphone for him. Tom needs a newer model as well as a case, and he uses his phone for everything, work, entertainment as well as working out. Also his phone is like his baby, he cherishes it and prefers it, and so a phone would be a good idea for him since his current one is almost done. It has a cracked front, is way too old to do the updates anymore, as well as half the buttons stick and do not work. I have also been thinking about a ductless mini split a/c with a smart thermostat. Right now my boyfriend is using a window AC unit in the hot months. This hardly keeps him cool enough either. He constantly complains about the window unit. It never cools enough for him, it sucks up a lot of electricity, as well as it sometimes leaks. That is why a ductless a/c unit would be perfect. The mini split system mounts right on the wall in the room. It can be out of the way as well as honestly modern looking. The smart control component is the same way. The ductless cooling component is way more energy efficient as well as powerful than a respected window component too. Also the convenience of the smart control component would be great. Trent could have temperature control right from his phone, computer or PC. So the question is, which one do I get him this year?

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