I had never traveled on a train before last summer. I wanted to spend the weekend with my cousin in the city, though, and she recommended that the cheapest form of travel was by train. I had to wake up very early in the morning to arrive at the train station so I didn’t miss my train. I was a bit nervous for this new experience, but mostly I was thrilled to find out that I had the seat to myself. Unfortunately that changed quickly and the privacy was short lived. I only had the place to myself for the first leg of my trip. At a particular point I was joined by a rather big guy who smelled really weird, like hot dogs and lawn clippings. This guy promptly fell asleep. Within minutes he had slid down and was leaning on me! His body heat felt like a huge oil furnace, plus I crammed myself up against the window next to me in order to escape the weight and the heat. After a while of this furnace guy snoring on me, I quietly asked the train attendant to be moved to a different location.. The attendant must have been peeved that I asked to switch seats, although he could clearly see the guy basically sleeping on top of me. The attendant put me right next to the blasting air conditioning system The air conditioning system was too dry for my sinuses and I ended up getting a cold. I exited the train with a headache and deciding that riding the train isn’t worth the hassle of saving a few bucks.

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