I don’t suppose you’ve ever had to work in an office where they require continual safety drills, but if you have, you know just how really annoying that situation is. I mean, besides interrupting your job & forcing you to go outside for nothing on a regular basis, which certainly starts to get old after a dozen times, I also believe that it’s certainly downright dangerous to have so many fake emergencies going on. Really, after about a dozen times of going through the whole ordeal, people can just stop even paying attention to the alarms & flashing lights, & just stay at their desks through the drill. But think about if it was a real emergency! They would all be doomed! And this is precisely what happened last year when there was an actual tornado in the area… and everyone noticed a change in the air quality around us at some point in the day. The air temperature & air quality changed quickly as the weather fluctuated outdoors. Still yet, no one inside thought much of it when the correct alarm sounded, so many individuals didn’t bother to go outside as instructed by the alarm. They only noticed that there was real danger because the power went off and then the central heating & cooling plan quit operating in the office. When they realized that the indoor air had become quite hot & stagnant, & they could no longer hear the air conditioning running, they suddenly took notice of the resounding alarms. Then, luckily, everyone managed to make it to a safe place during the tornado. There were no injuries or accidents to speak of… thanks only to the failed back-up generators & the central cooling system!

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