When I was a child, our siblings and I use to always argument over absolutely everything.  Whether it was toys, what movies to watch, or what food we were going to eat for dinner.  You name it, we fought about it.  It was kind of a repeated manner in a way and looking back now I assume we all enjoyed the drama I think.  However, there was 1 thing that we could never agree on that drove our parents crazy, and that was the temperature settings on the temperature controls!  It was so frustrating!  Each of us all had weird temperature preferences for our rooms when we slept, and 1 setting honestly did not fit for each and all of us.  I liked things colder, and our other siblings liked things much warmer. So, either I was glad, or nobody else was glad for it.  So, after our parents were tired of hearing the arguments, they went to their local Heating and Air Conditioning store to see what their various options were.  They discovered that there were tons of new technologies out there for us to use to solve our truly unique  heating and cooling problems! They came back to our house and told us the wonderful news, that we were getting a temperature control with zone control options!  This meant that we could each have weird heat and A/C settings in each of our rooms throughout the house!  It was the perfect solution! The following week, the Heating and Air Conditioning business had arrived to install it all and we could not have been more excited! That first night, I had the very best sleep of my life all because of that zone control.  

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