I am the secretary in our native HVAC office. It really is a great job. There is no day in which I find myself wanting to work elsewhere. I am putting myself through college plus the hours work great with this study schedule I have. I don’t really have to know that much about HVAC systems, since i am only responsible to field phone calls, make appointments for folks and monitor the offices. One morning a week ago, the phones were ringing like crazy. I began to answer them and realized that the organization website was in big chaos. We weren’t sure what exactly had  happened, but it seemed that a friend or relative had hacked into our company website and changed around each of the many pages, the  pricing and offered discounts and freebies that we didn’t  authorize for our heating and air conditioners. The entrepreneur owner was freaking out, as technology was not his forte. His cousin set up the website when he opened the business a few years back and he never did much more with it at all. Luckily, I am studying computer technology at school as well and I could help him out a bit. I immediately closed down the website, so no one could see it. I then wanted to change all the passwords, put up some  security walls so that it couldn’t take place again. But, the hardest part was re-doing the entire website and all the various web pages. I didn’t know any of the pertinent information prior. That day I became intrigued with where I worked and most of the different types of heating and air conditioning. Who knew it may just be so very involved. It was definitely really interesting. And, when I was all done I felt that i could even answer contact calls with more knowledge than I had before. The owner gave me an ideal bonus for my great job!

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