My brother is a musician, and he spends his time traveling globally. During his travels, he collects rare and vintage guitars. Such guitars are beautiful instruments and some of them are worth substantial money. He does not have a permanent address and I agreed to house his collection. The guitars have become sensitive to temperature fluctuations and additionally humidity levels. To avoid the wood from either bending or splitting, the indoor climate conditions need to be carefully regulated. It is fortunate we have a modern HVAC system which fortunately features zone control. My system provides both heating and cooling capacity, and the zone control allows me to set the temperature independently in every room. I don’t need to fork out a large amount of money to maintain the entire house at the perfect temperature. To regulate the humidity levels I have installed a dehumidifier along with a humidifier. The dehumidifier runs over the summer to handle excess water. The air feels cooler and more comfortable at higher temperature, which saves money on my own monthly electric bills. Plus, I don’t need to worry about mold, mildew, bacteria growth, or the guitars bending. In the winter, I operate the whole-home humidifier, it brings out necessary moisture, which makes your house feel much warmer. I can set the thermostat a bit lower, and trim down over the monthly gas bills. Having a powerful, efficient and modern HVAC system protects the fitness of my brother’s guitar collection. I also benefit another solution far more enjoyable and much better indoor environment.

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