I recently had to take a job trip overseas and consequently needed to board our several cats.  I had never boarded them before and, to be honest, I was quite distraught about leaving them in the care of someone I didn’t know for a month.  I had asked everybody I knew but no one could care for our cats for that length of time.  Reluctantly I started looking for a boarder and doing research on the best boarding kennels in our area.  There were lots of chances but the deciding factor was air conditioning.  Many boarding kennels only offered air conditioned boarding for more money.  There was no way I could leave our cats without air conditioning for an entire month.  I was even appalled that some boarders offered outdoor boarding because the summer season temps here are atrocious.  The boarding kennel that I settled on was run by a nice older man.  He told me that all the cats in his care are kept indoors and in an air conditioned environment during the summer season for no extra charge.  When I arrived at the boarding kennel I was extremely shocked.  The building was a giant air conditioned section with tons of room to run around and play for the cats.  Each room was large and beautiful with an adjustable smart thermostat.  I could not believe how beautiful, modern, and cool the whole building was.  After taking a tour of the cat hotel I was convinced that our cats might even be happier there than at home and that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system in their room was absolutely way better than the old window undefined component in our apartment.

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