I have been a very busy man over the last year or so. I didn’t even notice that the seasons had changed! I’ll forever remember the summer day when I sleepily grabbed my winter coat and ran out of my house, only to realize it was 95 degrees outside! I felt dumb, frankly. It had been getting difficult to find time with my friends, so I began to plan lunch meetings with them. The day I met my friend in the diner during the summer, the HVAC system was not working. I was upset, because I hadn’t seen this friend in over 12 months. I didn’t want our opportunity to hang out to be ruined by the heating and cooling system problem. I called over the waiter to see if I could turn up the air conditioner. He just looked down apologetically and informed me of the fact that the HVAC system was currently getting serviced. I didn’t have time for this inconvenience, so my friend and I moved to another place that had a working air conditioner. Once we sat down and were able to finally feel some cool air conditioning blowing on our faces, we began to relax some. It was awesome to catch up with my old friend, and the air conditioner made it that much more comforting. It was way too hot outside to handle excess heat indoors. That’s why they invented heating and cooling systems, after all! Before we parted ways, we promised to spend time together more often.

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