At my place of my employment, I never know what I might get asked to do. Recently, we purchased a large tent for hosting community gatherings, and I was personally asked to take charge of the assembly of the tents. I had absolutely no experience with any such project, but I was in a position to find some knowledgeable helpers to guide me through it. I felt very accomplished once it was put together. After the assembly was complete, my boss was so impressed that she asked me to handle the air conditioning for the tent as well. What have I gotten myself into? We called an A/C installation company, and I asked for a quote for a new HVAC system. They advised that we would need at least four air conditioning units to fully cool the tent. The HVAC technician showed up the next day with one of the units and installed it inside two hours. My boss advised that any of us should order the other three A/C units independently and install them ourselves to lessen our costs. I have a great amount of respect for my boss, but it was one time that I felt which I needed to speak up and voice my opinion. I politely advised that it could be very unwise to have a particular untrained person, such as myself, attempt to install an HVAC system. It would be even more preposterous to have that person install three air conditioning units. My boss responded that I should easily be ready to replicate what I saw to the first installation and install additional three HVAC systems. I told him I was a quick learner, but I wasn’t that quick. Thankfully, he came to his senses and had the A/C installation company finish the effort.

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