If I had to think of one thing I really hated about high school, it would have to be gym class. I couldn’t stand how a instructor was always yelling at us similar to a drill sergeant. Not to mention the awkwardness of changing near about 30 other people in the confined locker room. I didn’t like anything at all about it. The worst of all was one year when the air conditioner in my school was broken. You would think they might cancel the gym classes without a proper cooling system, but these people didn’t. They made all of us sweat it out like we were in some kind of giant furnace. The heating and cooling system in this school system was not an essential priority. They didn’t care about our comfort levels at all. These days kids have it easy. Every school I know of contains a modern heating and cooling system. Their HVAC systems are well maintained. I should know. I am now an HVAC computer professional by trade. The high school I spent my childhood years in now has a cutting edge heating and cooling system. If for some reason the HVAC system stops working, they will cancel school until such time as an HVAC technician like me gets it fixed. The kids still have to get through the rigorous training of health and fitness center class, but it sure is much more comfortable for them with their new HVAC system, that’s for sure. As for me, I enjoy my work as an HVAC technician. It certainly pays the bills and then some!