I live along the northern border of the nation and my heating system is vital. It needs to be able to effectively combat temperatures well below zero for most of the year. I cannot afford a heater that is not operating efficiently or reliably. My monthly heating bills are a big part of my main budget and repairs are costly. I also need my heating system to function quietly and keep my dwelling comfortable. I am completely content with the boiler system that was installed in my house, the appliance is quite compact, functions silently, and is wonderfully dependable. The boiler heats water that is then pumped through pipes hidden within the floors and connected to baseboard heaters, because the heat is infused with the air inside, rather than blown in, the boiler does not hold any contaminants, such as dirt or mold spores, that could be released into the air. My house stays quite clean, and I benefit from healthy indoor quality of air. An advantage of the boiler is the easy setup of the control area. The temperature in each room of the home can be controlled independently. There’s no need to heat empty rooms, and individual thermostats cater to personal comfort preferences. The boiler also supplements the water heater, significantly trimming my water heating bills. I have had the boiler system for almost twenty years, and I’ve never had one problem with it. I schedule proactive service from my HVAC contractor yearly, and other than that, the system is very low maintenance. Regardless of what the weather brings, the boiler effectively keeps my house comfortable.

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