I live to the far south of the united states, where it’s warm and sunny throughout every season. While we don’t get any sort of snow days down here, we experience lots of hurricanes throughout the year.  Sadly, the state is expecting an extensive hurricane to hit my hometown this week. Before I evacuate the state like all the others, I will be required to weatherproof my whole home. My partner and i already boarded up all my own windows, boxed up all the clothes, prepared for flooding, and made sure our HVAC system was storm proof. Most people are so obsessed with leaving the state, and packing their belongings along with their families, that they don’t make sure to weatherproof their outside belongings. I believe, the first thing I do, is make sure my HVAC equipment is nice and secure. With hurricane winds reaching over 100 miles each hour, I need to know that nothing is going to fly away. If it appears like anything is loose, I place hurricane straps over the equipment, which really locks all sorts of things down. Next, I place a waterproof tarp on the entire unit. This helps prevent excess weather and dirt from hitting it for several hours. Once that’s completed, I bypass my house and move all of my lawn furniture inside. Hurricane winds can blow these large items straight into my HVAC unit, causing major damage. If I didn’t hurricane proof my HVAC system, We can return home to a system that is definitely seriously damaged or completely destroyed. I’m already stressed enough within the bad weather, and I don’t want the strain of a failed HVAC system.