I work in the data entry department of a sizable company. It’s a thankless, tedious job. The pay is barely above minimum wage and on top of that, our boss sticks us in a run-down part of the building that has very poor air conditioning. It’s a cramped, windowless office that gets especially humid and stifling. I checked the thermostat on my wall a while back, and it was 84 degrees along with 75% humidity! I would love to complain, but I need what little money this job brings in. Plus, history has shown that other complaints from my co-workers about the air conditioning resulting in no changes. When the HVAC technician came to my home to service my very own A/C, I asked him if he had any suggestions he could offer about my workplace situation. He said the ideal solution would definitely be to install a window unit air conditioner, but as I told him I wasn’t able to do this, he suggested a portable air conditioner as a substitute. He said that while it’s best to vent the portable AC via the window, I could run the exhaust tube to an area in the hall that wasn’t in use by anyone. I thought about this suggestion and thought it would be worth a try. I purchased the portable air conditioner and I brought it out to my office. I put it in close proximity to my desk and ran the vent tube out in the hallway, away from all other offices. When I turned on the portable A/C, it felt so refreshing. I can set the temperature control to 78 degrees and feel fresh and comfortable all day. My job is still very unpleasant, but until I find something that is better, I can at least enjoy a lot of comfort from my new air conditioner.

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