I work for one of the biggest guitar stores inside of the Midwest. Frank’s has been around for nearly 30 years, and I’ve been here for 15 years. All of us guys within the sales floor are professional music players; we play in bands, tour the region, give lessons and write songs. We also set up the sound and lights for a few of the other bands in our vicinity.

Last winter, right before the Christmas season, we were opening the shop early for our holiday crowd. When the store manager and I walked inside the showroom, the room was unusually cold. I ran over and looked at the temperature control. The readout said it was subsequently 42 degrees.

While having an extremely cold room can be distressing for shoppers and staff, extreme temperatures can be completely damaging to our guitar inventory. High heat or freezing, as well as humidity that is definitely too low or too high, can damage the wood relating to the guitars. We try to keep the showroom at a constant 79 degrees with about 40% humidity. To this end, we provide a climate controlled showroom so that the ideal temps and humidity are usually maintained.

I got on the iphone and called our commercial HVAC contractor and explained the situation. They were out within an hour and soon had that electric heater running again. Additionally, they checked the humidifier and changed the high quality air filter.

When you consider that we’ve got well over half a million dollars worth in our inventory, you can see the need for having a top-notch furnace and air conditioning unit combined with an efficient humidifier. Our livelihoods (and the healthiness of our guitars) depend on it.