My family uses  a tremendous amount of water at our house.  Between my husband and I, and our four children,  are always relying on our hot water tank.  I run the washing machine and the dish washing machine every single morning, and always wash a few dishes in the sink. All of us  take showers and frequently wash our hands.  Having an ample supply of clean water and an effective drainage of wastewater is critical.  Unfortunately, the plumbing system is insanely complex and is prone to problems.  It seems as if  something is always going wrong with the drains, pipes, faucets, toilets, water tank or septic system.  Plumbing troubles can create a considerable deal of mess, mangle and expense.  Even a small drip can suddenly adds up to a tremendous amount of damage and costs.  A hidden leak can result in destruction to the walls, ceilings, floors, and even structural integrity of the home.  The backup of wastewater is not only gross, but a health risk.  Neither my husband or I are  particularly handy, and we don’t know anything about plumbing services or repairs.  To keep our plumbing components running safely and efficiently, we’ve enrolled in a preventative maintenance program with a local plumbing corporation.  A licensed plumber visits our house every year and checks everything out. He inspects every aspect of the plumbing, troubleshoots and makes any necessary repairs.  He cleans the drains and aerators, services the tepid water tank and septic, inspects the pipes and makes sure everything is operating in top notch  condition.  He helps us avoid abrupt malfunction and disaster, warns us when a component is nearing the end of its service life, and saves us from property damage.  

plumbing repair