I studied business and marketing in college for four years, and it was always my plan to open a coffee shop in my home town. After graduation, I worked at a large company for many years, simply to pay off all my student loans. Once I was able to save up enough for a downpayment on a commercial space, I bought an older brick building on Main Street. I took out a bank loan to cover the price tag on renovations, equipment, and advertizing. I spent six months during the spring and early summer concentrating on the building and setting the shop. My grand opening was scheduled for the first week in July, and I was both nervous in addition to excited. The day before, the outdoor temperature suddenly climbed up on the high nineties and the moisture was horrible. With the big windows along the front letting in a considerable amount of sunshine, the shop rapidly became overheated and uncomfortable. I started up my cooling system for the first time, and it made this awful screeching sound. It then began clunking and rattling, and an overhead duct system actually shook. I immediately turned the air conditioner off and called a neighborhood HVAC contractor. There was no way I could open the coffee shop without a working air conditioner. I promised the HVAC installer free coffee and donuts for life, if he’d come right over. Fortunately, the problems with the air conditioner were the result of buildup of dust within the unit. Once the HVAC contractor finished cleaning and service, the conditioning system worked just fine.

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