There are many of improvements that I wish to make to my new home. There are several places which will need new paint, a few areas where I wish to install shelves, some lights that need be replaced or rewired, and flooring which will certainly need to be updated. I know we will get around to these projects in due time, but I’m looking forward to completing one additional modification very soon, so we can start to save money as soon as possible. I would love to install zone controlled heating in this place. I’ve heard about this new technology for a little while now, but I’ve never considered how it could be useful for us until we acquired this big house. Now I understand how much cash it costs to heat or cool an entire house and it seems like a big waste, especially when there’s only one or two people home for a majority of the time. It seems silly to always be pumping air conditioning into the full volume of the place when we’re located in only one or two rooms. It would make much more sense to focus our HVAC consumption to only the regions which are actually being used, rather than seeking to manage the temperature everywhere at one time. I know that this might keep our most utilized living spaces more comfortable, since they would be meticulously monitored and maintained. It would also save us a plethora of money in energy bills each and every month, since we wouldn’t be wasting a great deal of power running the central heating and cooling equipment.

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