I have never been one to keep up on the maintenance of the water heater. I know that the water heater should be drained annually, and it’s a good idea so as to add some bleach as well. I realize that choosing a maintenance program with a licensed plumber can be a cost-effective strategy. Unfortunately, I am more likely to take our water supply for granted. I don’t even look at the water heater until there is often a problem with it. I was aware that the water tank was over fifteen years old and due to be swapped out. Instead, I was totally shocked as I turned on the water to wash the dinner dishes and it was scalding hot. When I checked the basement, I discovered that the water tank had ruptured and also the basement was flooded. I was fortunate that our problem had not gone unnoticed for too long. The ruptured water tank is definitely a fire hazard. Since the water heater burst on some Sunday night, all of the local hardware stores were closed. I didn’t just want to pay a plumber overtime pay to come out and fix our problem, so we went without hot water until the following day. While waiting, my husband and I worked on cleaning up the mess with the basement. We were worried that this wet carpet would lead to mildew and mold growth. Removing and disposing of that carpet and old water tank was not always easy. On Monday morning, we purchased a brand new water tank and spent a long time on installation. The whole mission was extremely inconvenient, costly, and additionally unpleasant. I am now determined to be far more conscientious about the upkeep of my hot water heater.