When I bought my first home, I was on extremely tight budget. I prioritized the location of my home, and figured that everything else could be fixed. I loved the large backyard, old maple trees, and view of a lake with a family geese. The house was nearly two hundred years old, and it was not well cared for. There was water stains in the ceilings, crumbling plaster walls, along with ancient appliances. There was only one electrical plug per room, the vast majority of windows didn’t open, and the water tank was rusty. I had no idea that the worst of my problems could be the outdated plumbing system. The pipes were severely corroded and clogged with contaminants. Most of the faucets dripped, the tubs and sinks were stained, and the pipes often rattled within the walls. There was barely any water pressure and wastewater drained slowly. I had no idea how to solve some of these problems. I couldn’t even have the ability to replace the old faucets or simple shower head. After living with insufficient hot water, a tub that refused to drain and a toilet that refused to flush for many months, I finally called an authorized plumbing contractor. He recommended an overall replacement of the lines. Though it was a huge investment, I hired the plumber place in new pipes, drains, water heater and fixtures. The project was definitely advantageous and greatly improved my quality of life. I can now take a shower without running out of hot water or worrying about the dirty water draining. I am now able to do laundry, dishes, and wash my hands without experiencing leaks or clogs.