When I saw I had a problem with my furnace, I should have immediately contacted a local HVAC contractor for repair. Regrettably, the fall season is a very hectic season. I work a lot of overtime at my job during the fall, which leaves not much time for household maintenance. Plus, my kids are starting school, which adds to the tension and demands. I usually make an effort to schedule professional service for my furnace sometime in September. This year, however, I completely forgot and the weather turned chilly very rapidly. There was traces of snow in early October, and the outdoor temperature dropped into the thirties. When I turned the thermostat up, the furnace started fine, but it sounded unusual. There was a worrisome running noise, and the whole home smelled like burnt hair. I hoped that the furnace would fix itself after it ran for a bit. Over the next couple from weeks, the furnace simply got louder and stopped providing as much heat. I adjusted the thermostat slightly higher, and hoped. I simply didn’t have the time to schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor. When the furnace finally quit working on Saturday afternoon, I had no choice but to call for repair. With several months of winter still ahead, and temperatures bound to drop below zero, it’s impossible to get by without a properly working furnace. Because I waited so long to call for professional service, the repair was more extensive and therefore far more costly.

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