My cats are so entertaining!  They are so goofy and constantly making me laugh.  I have six cats.  Some people think that is way too many cats to have but I like having six cats and I even want more cats.  I really love my cats.  They all have their own personalities.  Sometimes I dress them up and act out scenes from my favorite movies and plays.  My friends are always telling me that I should get out more and get some fresh air but I already do.  I take my cats out into the back yard and give them fish treats.  When they come back inside, tired from playing in the kitty playground village I set up in my backyard, they like to lie in the air conditioning.  They run to the air conditioning vent that blows air on the top part of my couch.  After all of them jump up on the couch trying to get at the cooling air coming out of the vent they start fighting for the best position.  It is funny because there are lots of air conditioning vents all around the house, but they all fight over this particular spot for some reason.  I usually keep my air conditioner at around 70 degrees and cool inside.  My babies usually prefer a cooler environment and low humidity.  Keeping the humidity low is important because one of my cats has a special skin condition that is aggravated by humidity.  The other day when they were fighting over the air conditioning my smallest kitty toppled the biggest cat I have right off the couch!  It was a really exciting day.

humidity control