I volunteer with the city’s homeless shelter on weekends. I help out in the kitchen mostly. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I serve those dining in the cafeteria. I enjoy helping out within the homeless shelter. It is not for the faint of heart. Many of the people that stay there are very unpleasant. They are not appreciative of the shelter’s services. Sometimes they toss food at us volunteers. I don’t especially like this, but I realize that many of them are under the influence, or simply fighting through withdrawals. Some of them may not be taking the medication that helps their mental illness. However, I always am conscientious to compliment those that are employed at the shelter. Last weekend, there was a terrible snowstorm in many parts of the city. The temperatures outside have been frigid. The shelter was packed with people. But the HVAC system inside the shelter was so very comfortable. I told the manager that the shelter was set at the right temperature. It was not too hot, or too cold. She informed me that I was the first person to mention the shelter’s temperature. She was very nervous that everyone would be uncomfortable. She had feelings that this snowstorm would become extreme, so she had the shelter’s HVAC system serviced a short time ago. She did not just want to worry about the HVAC system quitting as the shelter was packed with people. I thought that she was a really wonderful woman and perfect for this type of work. She definitely does not get enough credit for what she does and has to handle at the shelter.