I am a professional painter and have been for almost twenty years. I learned how to complete specialized finishes and effects and have been unable to keep up with the demand from most people wanting faux marble finishes in their foyers or special paint effects on their cabinets.

Even though I really love my job, there are still instances when I wonder if I’m inside the right profession. My last commission is a good example of why I feel this way.

From the instant I arrived on the scene, I knew I was going to be in a great deal of hot water with this lady. Right away, we didn’t get along. I pride myself on providing an exceptionally custom, specialized service but it seemed whatever I tried to do, she was not satisfied. She made several changes mid-way on the process which ended up costing me several hundred dollars.

I noticed she would always turn off the central air conditioner when she left the house to run errands. I know it may possibly sound paranoid, but I believe she purposely turned off the air conditioning so that my helper and I might suffer in the heat. This lady had a locked thermostat, so I absolutely wasn’t able to adjust it myself.

We were on tall ladders, holding buckets of very heavy primer and painting over our heads, and the woman had the thermostat set at 90 degrees! We’d go outside and sit within our van with the air conditioning running just to cool off.

To finish this commission, I brought my box fan with the intention that when she’d leave and de-activate the AC, we’d have a some small relief.

By completion, she seemed happy enough along with the results, but I was glad to find the end of that particular job, I assure you.

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