I used to work at a video store while I attended college. I liked working in the store since I am a movie buff. I loved recommending a fresh release or an old preferred. I liked organizing the titles and seeing the brand new covers of the movies. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the conclusion of the day lull. I did so not like the heating system in the store though. The movie store must have used a super powerful heating system. The heating device was thoroughly impressive. In the winter it would about -10 outside and ice covered the sidewalk in front of the store. Then I would go inside for work and grow downright hot. I had to dress up like a giant marshmallow for the frigid outdoors and basically wear some sort of swimsuit for work. I sweated bullets the whole shift. The movie store occupation was fairly active. You must put movies on shelves, hang posters and perform light janitorial work. All the moving combined while using the intense heat was a pain inside the butt. I would frequently have pit stains at my dress shirt by the end of the night. The heating system would run from the start of fall all the way to the end of spring. It was subsequently a super long season associated with enduring the heater system. You would probably think this meant the retail outlet had great AC. The store actually had no AIR CONDITIONING. So working in the summer was simply as hot as the winter. All the store had for cooling was a few ceiling fans that were definitely dirty.

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