While I was young we used to attend my grandparent’s house in the wintertime every year. One of the best things about this annual adventure was the joy of sitting right next to the fireplace. Their home was up north and it was always nice being in that warmth, especially when it was freezing and icy outside. I do recall it being always uncomfortable to leave the living area, where the fireplace was. It tended to be unfortunately cold in almost every other part of the house because the heat failed to go outward, it just stayed in the region where the fire was focused. Now that I’ve gotten older, I still like the look of the fireplace very much. It brings me great memories, however, I’m a great deal more fond of central heating systems. I guess as you get older you lose some of the romance in life and opt for practicality a lot more. Now I refuse to live or go somewhere cold that doesn’t have central heating. I don’t even want to experience a draft on the way down the hall to grab some water during the night. I would much rather be warm and have control over my home temperatures with just the flick of a switch or press of a button. My heating and cooling system is really a crucial factor to my comfort as these systems tend to be. I make sure to always have a local HVAC technician emerge and service my system regularly. I can’t afford to lose any comfort that would result with my HVAC system breaking down on me. I’d like to be able to keep my home as comfortable as I possibly can.

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