Barbershops tend to be places where men gather for a cut and shave, as well as to speak about guy stuff. There have been movies built about barbershops.  Generations of American men have grown up getting their hair trimmed every six weeks and hanging out with other guys. Women have a similar experience with beauty salons. Women are generally known to gather at the local beauty salon for hairdos, manicures, and any number of other beauty secrets. Men aren’t that picky about the barbershop. Assuming that they have a folding recliner or two for waiting, everything is fine. Women, though, are very particular about their beauty salons. The salon must be clean, modern, comfortable, and essentially a rest from the world. The most essential factor of a beauty salon’s environment may be the HVAC system. There are numerous smells in beauty parlors. There is everything from hair dye and perms to nail polish and moisturizers. The HVAC is actually filtering the air and providing good indoor air quality. If women have to smell those odors, it would be sickening, so the quality of the air filters are vital. Additionally, no woman is willing to sweat while in the beauty parlor. If the a/c is broken in the future, you might as well close up shop. One time I was waiting to get a manicure, and the salon manager chose to open the front door as opposed to using the air conditioning. I waited for 20 minutes, but when it still wasn’t time for my manicure and the cooling unit consisted of an open door as well as a single ceiling fan, rather than air conditioning, I got up and left. Women demand a certain ambience in their beauty shops, and air conditioning is a big part of that.

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