I grew up in the deep south and  was accustomed to hot and humid weather.  The absolutely best part of our childhood home was the cooling system and the swimming pool.  After graduating university, I took a position up north and needed to relocate.  I thought that I was prepared for the challenges of the freezing weather, but sadly I was wrong.  During our first winter, I thought I was going to freeze to death.  I decided that I hated the winter weather and needed to get away for the Christmas holidays.  I couldn’t wait to head home and soak up some sunshine.  While I visited our family, I enjoyed looking up the weather reports and seeing how cold and miserable it was up north.  I had made sure to turn the heat down before I left to save cash, plus failed to consider how cold it would get inside the home and basement.  I also forgot to shut off the water to the house.  The outside temperature dropped to twenty-three degrees below zero while I was gone.  While I was swimming in  pool plus enjoying their A/C, my water pipes were bursting.  By the time I headed home, the pipes plus broken and the frozen water had thawed. It flooded my home and flowed through the several rooms for over a week.  My toilets were completely solid with ice.  Every copper water line running through the home was broken.  My trip south ended up costing me several thousands of dollars, forcing me  to take out a bank loan to cover it.  I was thankful that a local plumber was extremely  helpful and worked with me on price.  The plumbing company also tackled the task instantly, brought in a whole crew, and managed to complete the project in a short time.  While the plumbing system was repaired, I had no choice but to stay in a motel.    

new toilet