When I was a teenager, I loved golf. I would always go with my dad and chill around the golf course together with country club. It was entertaining and good exercise as well. As I became older and started out twelfth grade, I was able to get a job for the course as a groundskeeper and also a part-time maintenance helper. I was liable for keeping the grass mowed, the more common areas nice and clean along with helping the HVAC guy when he needed help with the heating and cooling system maintenance.


I learned a lot from watching Jim work. He previously was in air conditioner and heater repair most of his life. He was a firm believer in routine maintenance and always made sure that the air filters on the many AC units were changed just about every month. He also made sure to decontaminate the ductwork and to check on the refrigerant in the air conditioning every month.


He said that the biggest reason that furnaces and AC systems disintegrate is usually a result of poor maintenance. He said like everything in our lives, our heaters/furnaces, air conditioners, thermostats, admirers, air purifiers and such all really need love and attention.


I hadn’t ever noticed things that way, but there’s no doubt that he was right. He made this kind of impression on me and after I graduated high school, I went directly to trade school to learn all I was able to about the heating and cooling industry. Someday I would really prefer to design commercial HVAC systems.


I now work as an apprentice to a remarkably respected A/C service company and love my job. Jim ended up being entirely right. Even air conditioners and heaters need some TLC on occasion.

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