I am a baker, but I have been laboring in the industry for about numerous years & I absolutely adore it. I like making cakes and pies for events and traveling to odd locations to make these creations. I own our own corporation so it is pressing for me to always be thinking of current ideas to keep the money flowing. Recently, I thought it would be a wonderful system to open a food truck so we could travel and take our pastries to odd locations so as not to just stay in our brick and concrete location. I had the whole corporation method worked out and I actually thought I had come up with a solution to any concern we would have, however, I did not take into account the fact that we would not have a Heating & Air Conditioning plan like we did in our physical location. I thought we would be okay with the fans that were inside the food truck, but we hastily learned that it was not a reasonable substitution for an air conditioner. The first thing to feel the heat from the lack of air conditioner was our employees, they were always in a bad mood. The next thing that suffered was the baking. I didn’t suppose the air conditioner had anything to do with the way our pastries cooked. However, we could not get the cupcakes to rise up and the icing was always melting. I am going to have to either forget the system of the food truck or install a Heating & Air Conditioning plan to keep everyone at bay.  I am not sure what would be the cheapest at this point because a current Heating & Air Conditioning plan is actually high-priced!

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