I have a home in an area with a lot of excess pollution. I can’t really relocate because my job and my entire life are here, but I also have a sensitive respiratory system, so I have to beware about my home maintenance in the interest of my health. Living out here means home air purification is vital. If left unchecked, my home could become a host to all types of pollution and fumes from the outer world which could be incredibly damaging to my health. I got a unit with a dual filtration system so that the air I was taking inside my home was as clean as could be and would keep me healthy and comfortable. The problem was the model I invested in, while extremely effective, had to be serviced quite often. I decided to have a maintenance plan which has a local HVAC contractor who comes out every couple of months to flush out the system and make sure that it is working properly which means that my efficiency doesn’t suffer and I don’t have to worry about not being able to breathe clean air in my own residence. For someone just like me, with environmental sensitivities, a system like this may be a lifeline that makes my entire existence more at ease and carefree. Before I had the filtration system installed I felt awful almost every day, but now I feel a lot healthier and I rest easier knowing that the air quality I’m taking in every evening is pure. And thank heavens for the local HVAC company that provides my service. Without them I might be lost for sure!

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