I’ve always dreamed of attending a game in the college basketball contest, and this year, I was finally able to go! I had to drive to a far away city, driving my decrepit old vehicle, and I had to stay in a cheap motel, but I was able to make it. The game was incredible, and my team ended up winning. I was quite excited as I began to make the push home. Unfortunately, only a few minutes later on, I realized that my air conditioning wasn’t even working. I had the thermostat set as cool as it would go, but the only air coming from the vents was warm, dull air. I was crushed. My car was old, nevertheless it had always had excellent air conditioning, and for the air conditioning to go out when I needed it most was merely cruel! Now, I had three hours of driving before me, and the temperatures outside were in the upper 80’s. Of course, something like this would happen to someone like me! There was nothing I could do except drive as quickly as I could with the windows rolled down. By the second hour or so of driving, I had perspiration pouring down my face, and I felt like a smelly football player at the end of practice. I stopped at a rest area, just so I could relax in some air conditioning for short while before I made the remainder of the trip. That road trip was the longest trip that I have ever been on, and I was so thankful for my air conditioning as I arrived home!

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