I hope to save a bit of money this Winter. I sense that I pay a fortune in heating bills over the cold season. I try to not run my gas fireplace whenever I can. The fireplace is the most inefficient heating system around. It mean it is a forced air heater. The heating system turns off and on completely. It is better for a fireplace to heat up your house at a constant temperature. My fireplace doesn’t necessarily do that however. The fireplace costs me a great deal money to heat. So for saving on cash I make do with some space heaters. I’ve got a space heater in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. The space heaters are my main source for heat during the winter time. My boyfriend thinks that electricity they use is related to what my gas fireplace might cost me. I don’t imagine so though. I also feel that the space heaters are warmer than my traditional heating system. The fireplace ought to go, I know that. I need an actual heating system which will heat my home and do it efficiently. It is sort of crazy to have space heaters around a property. I am thinking that perhaps as soon as fireplace breaks, I can install radiant floors instead. Then I can have lower energy bills not waste electricity on space heating. The problem now is I don’t know how much longer I have to suffer with my gas open fireplace. So for now, the space heaters must remain for a bit.

space heater