Never consider getting ductwork for cooling. There are only cons to ductwork, and it doesn’t offer any pros. Air ducts are very difficult to install. The ductwork installation is especially hard on older homes. It is common for older homes to suffer structural issues when an HVAC contractor is working. Plus a ton of debris and dust contaminates your air quality after the assembly. Even after the air ducts are set up, you still have work to do. For example, the HVAC ducts frequently get damaged or dusty. When that happens, the HVAC worker has to come and either clean or repair them. Who would want to deal with the hassle? You actually don’t need air ducts to be able to cool all the rooms in the house. You can get a ductless mini split system with multiple indoor air handlers. Every room can have its own indoor air handler and additionally thermostat. You will be able to set the climate control program for one individual room too. This is considered HVAC zone control. Now every room inside your home doesn’t have to be on a similar cooling program. You can gain big savings while adding comfort simultaneously. Also, the ductless mini split system is less expensive than central air conditioning. The ductless AC is even simpler to install. It’s so simple you could even do the AC installation exclusively by yourself if you want. The ductless cooling system simultaneously gathers less dust and filters your air quality better. So with this kind of system you can have better indoor quality too. Who wouldn’t want to acquire this system? Think of all the plus sides to such air conditioning. Ductwork is just going to be hassle on your property.

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