As fairly new parents, we are constantly aware of any changes in our son. Like most proud parents, we document every milestone on our phones and share it on social media. After all, our son is spectacular. I was looking through that photos on my phone a few days ago and began to notice changes in my son’s skin. He had been getting little red spots every once in awhile, but now, they seemed more notable than ever. I made him a doctor’s appointment because I was concerned with allergies. I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t feeding him anything bad or washing his clothes in something harmful. Our pediatrician shocked me when he said that all I really needed was to use lotion on his skin. He said that our little guy had a nasty case of dry skin and it was simple to fix. Then he asked me something odd. He asked if our home had a good HVAC system. I said there was just a regular forced air system, and he suggested that we consider using a humidifier to help with the dry skin issues. He said that adding humidity to the air not only helps with skin concerns, but breathing issues also. This thought had honestly never occurred to either one of us.  We contacted our HVAC dealer to see what our options were. Not wanting to waste any time we set up a meeting for later that week for them to come and look at our living area and our system so they could make a recommendation for the right humidifier. While waiting, I set up a portable one in my son’s bedroom just to give him a bit of relief. I was thrilled when they were able to come and permanently fix the problem. Nearly everybody wants to remove excess humidity in the air but in our case, once we added it back there was a huge difference.

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