Our daughter off at college and lives in a dorm. Based on her grades, I’m not sure she is getting an education but the she is at least enjoying her freedom. She loves that she has no curfew, though being a freshman she has to live in the dorms and can’t have a car. This means that my she has to stick pretty close to campus which is okay with us. The downside of this life is that you have no privacy and most of them are not equipped with any kind of air conditioning. She does have large windows in her room but says that opening those doesn’t help because at night it is rather hot and the noise of parties on campus keeps her awake anyway. I don’t think the noise of the parties is truly her problem because she attends quite a few, however, we decided to look into attaining some sort of a cooling unit that she could use to keep her room comfortable when she does want to sleep. I have been seeing promotions for small personal cooling units that you can set on your desk or adjacent to your bed at night. I don’t know much about them so I contacted our HVAC dealer to see if they had any information on them. They told me that they weren’t an air conditioner but a fan that surely could generate cooler air. They do have small portable HVAC units which might sit on a desk too and they suggested that that could be a better option. They said that they can be vented out the bottom of the window easily and they don’t take up much space. We are going up to see her next week and will surprise her with it and hopefully confront her about her grades.

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