My grandparents have helped me so much over time that I always try to help them whenever I have the opportunity to. One way that I do this is by helping them take care of their yard and do small repairs around their residence. I cut their grass around every eight or nine days, and I am there to perform routine inspections on their HVAC system anytime it is required. I also change their air filters and clean the coils once in awhile. They are extremely reliant on their heater because they live in a cold area of the country. I would hate for them to have to handle a few nights without heat, so I do everything I can to be sure that their HVAC system is constantly in good working order. My granddad was always pretty handy, until he developed back issues. He’s not able to get around like he used to, so I am trying to keep on the work he can no longer do. He used to handle his own HVAC maintenance along with repairs, but he is no longer able to continue doing that. As my grandparents age I know that they’re going to need more and more help in keeping their house running and to move around, and I will always be there to help them. They are too very loving people, and they have been similar to a second set of parents to me and my brothers. I owe them a ton, and keeping up their heating and cooling system is just a small way for me to pay them back.

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