Some time ago I purchased a larger building which has been once used as commercial property. The building had been abandoned for quite a while, and it was my intention to renovate and transform it into multiple apartments. The building is located in a great spot that is close to shopping, restaurants and nightlife. I hired a general contractor, plumber, electrician and HVAC technician to complete the various stages of the remodeling project. The entire floorplan of the building would have to be reworked to be suitable for all apartments. I was fortunate that the plumbing was in decent state, but to handle the amount of apartments and occupants, I included sinks, showers, toilets, and verified the capacity of the septic. The electric was not up to code and I required new wires installed along with outlets, light fixtures, and a security system. The HVAC was a challenge, because the existing system has been completely outdated, corroded and hazardous. I was looking for an energy efficient heating system that will be powerful enough to heat the full building, yet provide zoned control. Air conditioning was not essential, and I figured I could get by with some type of a compact or even easily transportable unit. The HVAC contractor recommended that install a boiler heating system to also help with hot water requirements. Hydronic heating is quite clean, energy efficient, reliable, and additionally easily accommodates zoning. For cooling, he suggested we have ductless split systems installed which might avoid ductwork and be satisfactory to cool each apartment. This is a huge and costly project, but I’m hoping to recover the investment the moment the apartments are rented.

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