I live in the lower part of the country, and the hot seasons around here are boiling and humid. To be without any cooling system in the Summer is the worst punishment you could ever have. So when the AC broke bright and early on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of June, I knew I needed to act real quick. I called Brenda as quickly as I could, but Brenda had already gone home for the day. I called her cell, but there was nothing but the machine. I left various messages to let Brenda get that my AC system was not turning on, although I knew I was out of luck when Brenda hadn’t called me back by the following night. The first evening without any type of air conditioning wasn’t that bad. It was unquestionably not great, but it was raining and that brought the outside temperature down somewhat. But the next afternoon, I was desperately missing my good AC system. The rain had quit a while ago, but it had caused it to be even hotter and more humid. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last anymore without any AC. So what I had to do was I decided to go stay with my sister to prefer feel her abundant A/C. When I arrived home on Tuesday afternoon, I finally heard back from Brenda about getting my AC system fixed. Brenda also gave me the number of the HVAC repair company that she uses in case the AC system breaks over the weekend so I don’t have to go stay with my sister.

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